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2019 Impeesa District Pinewood Derby Rules

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If you are planning on participating in the District Pinewood Derby, sponsored by Pack 314, PLEASE be sure to read and follow the official District Pinewood Derby Rules found at the bottom of this page.

BSA Safety Moments

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Safety Moments are exactly what the name implies: opportunities to prepare for an activity, review safety measures, and report incidents correctly. Topics of this new series include incident reporting helps, safe use of medication in Scouting, weather-related safety, winter activity, and winter sports.

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Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

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ILST Facilitators Guide

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) is a unit-level training program within the Boy Scouts of America led by the Scoutmaster and the Senior Patrol Leader. It is designed to improve the leadership skill of all boy leaders within a Boy Scout troop. 

The three one-hour modules are divided into three topics: It is organized into three one-hour modules, which can be taught individually or all in one session.

Module One—Introduction to Leadership (Know). Conducted within a week of a Scout's acceptance of his new position, this session focuses on what a boy leader must know. The manual directs the Scoutmaster to refer to the Scoutmaster Handbook, chapter 3, "The Boy-Led Troop.", and chapter 4. "The Boy-Led Patrol."

Module Two—How to Fulfill Your Role (Be). This session on how to fulfill the role's responsibilities focuses on what a leader must be. The program includes the Scoutmaster's "vision of success," a discussion of the "Teaching EDGE" method of instruction, and an evaluation of the troop's progress.

Module Three—What Is Expected of Me? (Do). This session focuses on what a leader must do. Topics include a review of the troop leader position descriptions, motivating Scouts to lead, what constitutes success in the boy's leadership role, and a coaching session with the Scoutmaster.

BSA Aquatics Supervision Manual

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BSA Guide to Safe Scouting

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BSA Guide to Advancement

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Boy Scout Volunteers Facebook Group

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Welcome! This group is for anyone who volunteers in any capacity with Boy Scouts, specifically working with youth age 11+. Please look for our brother group, Cub Scout Volunteers, if you work with younger youth as it will better fit your needs. While this group is based in the United States and most of the members are in the United States, scouting volunteers from all countries are welcome. This is a place to share ideas, commiserate, and support other volunteers. This is not meant to replace the chain of command and it is always a good idea to check with the policies and procedures of your council.

BSA Girl Troops - come 2/2019 ScoutsBSA Facebook Group

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About This Facebook Group:
A place to get the most current information on the roll out of female troops in the BSA. A gathering of other leaders who can be a source of information for you.

Family Scouting

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Implementation Details for Scouts BSA Final

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It is in the interests of the entire BSA, and in fact our nation, that all girls who join the BSA in 2019 should have an opportunity to earn their Eagle badge should they diligently and promptly complete all requirements. Accordingly, after carefully considering recommendations from stakeholders, including feedback from volunteers and professionals at the 2018 Top Hands Meeting, the National Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts of America has approved the following temporary transition rules regarding extensions for youth over 16 but not yet 18 years of age on February 1, 2019 to complete the requirements for the Eagle Scout award....

Click here for full document: Implementation Details for Scouts BSA Final

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