Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

posted Nov 5, 2018, 10:21 AM by Web Master
ILST Facilitators Guide

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) is a unit-level training program within the Boy Scouts of America led by the Scoutmaster and the Senior Patrol Leader. It is designed to improve the leadership skill of all boy leaders within a Boy Scout troop. 

The three one-hour modules are divided into three topics: It is organized into three one-hour modules, which can be taught individually or all in one session.

Module One—Introduction to Leadership (Know). Conducted within a week of a Scout's acceptance of his new position, this session focuses on what a boy leader must know. The manual directs the Scoutmaster to refer to the Scoutmaster Handbook, chapter 3, "The Boy-Led Troop.", and chapter 4. "The Boy-Led Patrol."

Module Two—How to Fulfill Your Role (Be). This session on how to fulfill the role's responsibilities focuses on what a leader must be. The program includes the Scoutmaster's "vision of success," a discussion of the "Teaching EDGE" method of instruction, and an evaluation of the troop's progress.

Module Three—What Is Expected of Me? (Do). This session focuses on what a leader must do. Topics include a review of the troop leader position descriptions, motivating Scouts to lead, what constitutes success in the boy's leadership role, and a coaching session with the Scoutmaster.