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Hello Impeesa District!


I want to take a moment to say “Thank You” to all that attended our JSN kickoff on August 14th.  Based on the sign-in sheet, I can see the following packs were represented: Packs 11, 28, 33, 100, 198, 301, 310, 314, 318, 327, 334, 350, 352, 353, 376, 390, and  398.  If your Pack was not represented at this kickoff, please see me for your Join Scouting materials.  We packed a lot of information into 75 minutes and I hope the information we imparted was useful. 

One of the items we talked about was the distribution policy in Wake Co. public schools. Units that attended our kickoff selected local schools to distribute flyers.  All of our flyers are printed and ready for distribution.  Please contact me and I will arrange to get our Join Scouting flyers to you.  We are asking for each unit to help with the join scouting promotion by distributing flyers in schools that are in close proximity to your meeting location.  Attached is a flyer with the distribution policy. This is your “written permission” from the Wake Co. Schools office.  Naturally, if you have a relationship with the school you are asking to distribute flyers, you will not need written permission.  Fostering a personal relationship with the local schools is our goal; as is your unit taking part in the adopt-a-school program.  We touched on this program at our kickoff.

Don’t forget that our designated Join Scouting nights are your normal meeting times and locations in the month of September; designated application turn-in days are Thursday.  Of course we will also support additional recruiting efforts outside of the designated Join scouting dates.  If your unit is planning a special event for recruiting, please let me know; I’ll be happy to assist with additional support materials.

Thanks again to all that attended our kickoff.  I’m looking forward to great results from all of our efforts and welcoming more than 400 new families into our scouting program.  If anyone has any questions please reach out to me.


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