Troop 357 MBU at Highland United Methodist Church - February 21, 2015

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Hello Scouting Community!


Troop 357 will again be hosting Merit Badge University on Saturday, 21 February 2015 at Highland United Methodist Church. We are very excited to be putting this together again and look forward to your troop’s participation! 

We will handle registration in a similar manner to what we did last year. We will register each troop as a whole using the attached Excel registration file and expect (1) check per troop. Pre-registration will open on Friday November  

21, 2014 and will close on Wednesday January 7, 2015. Classes will be assigned no later than Wednesday, January 21 2015 and information will be emailed to the troop contacts as well as to each class counselor.


Attachments (3) included with this email are as follows:


·         MBU 2015 HUMC registration.xls, This is the Excel registration spreadsheet. It also contains a tab listing all merit badges offered.

·         MBU 2015 MB Notebook.pdf, This document lists all of the merit badges offered, requirements and prerequisites.*

·         MBU 2015 reg instructions.pdf, This document lists all policies for this year’s MBU and detailed registration instructions, emailing and mailing instructions. Please read it carefully.


* Please note as new Merit Bages are being offered this year, the accompanying notebook (MBU 2015 MB Notebook.pdf) may not be fully current. Go to to familiarize yourself with the scope 

and anticipated requirement of new badges.  


We are offering many of the same merit badges as last year, with some new additions (Sustainability, Search & Rescue, Crime Prevention and others... check the Merit Badge List tab in the spreadsheet.)

We will be contacting all merit badge counselors from last year and recruiting new ones. Please be sure to complete the section of the registration sheet noting any potential counselors. Preferred method of contact is by email. If you 

know of a troop that may be interested that I have not included, please let me know.

I would appreciate a quick return email from you so I know you have received this and your troop is planning on participating. Also give me a note of any errors or ommissions. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Troop 357 MBU 2014 Registrar




Gary Cramer

Troop 357 2015 MBU Registrar


Steve Lochbaum

Troop 357 2015 MBU Coordinator

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